About Us

Cold Jet New Zealand

Cold Jet New Zealand is excited to now offer the proven performance of Cold Jet Dry Ice Cleaning and Dry Ice production technology to businesses and industries across New Zealand. 100% locally owned and operated, Cold Jet New Zealand is committed to delivering the best possible dry ice blasting system or dry ice precision cleaning solution to best fit each customers’ unique requirements.

Please contact Cold Jet New Zealand today to discuss your specific dry ice blasting or precision cleaning requirements.

About Cold Jet

Cold Jet is the world leader in dry ice blasting and dry ice production technology and develops superior dry ice blast cleaning systems to meet every unique cleaning application. With more than 100 direct employees, and a global network of hundreds more contractors and distributors, Cold Jet is also the largest dry ice technology company in the world.

Through continuous efforts to improve and perfect the technology, we are able to offer the most dependable dry ice blasting and dry ice production systems at a lower total cost of ownership than any other system of its kind. Cold Jet provides solutions for any budget with the widest selection of blasting machines, unique patented nozzle designs & dry ice production equipment available worldwide. And Cold Jet provides the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced customer service team.

A passion for innovation

Cold Jet has led the development of dry ice blasting and dry ice production technology which sets the standard for quality, performance and reliability. With thousands of installed customers worldwide, Cold Jet’s success has been the result of our superior technology, dedication to customer service and establishment of a global infrastructure for product support. Cold Jet is committed to developing dry ice solutions for the betterment of industry and the environment through a relentless pursuit of technology.

With more than 25 years of experience dedicated to dry ice blasting technology, Cold Jet has unparalleled experience in developing and recommending dry ice solutions to match any need. Cold Jet’s dry ice blasting systems use half the air, ice and labour of competitor’s products. Our dry ice blast cleaning solutions can pay for themselves in just a few months, providing an impressive return on investment.

Cold Jet – Leaders in Dry Ice technology for more than 25 years.