Cold Jet i3 MicroClean

Cold Jet i3 MicroClean Precision Dry Ice Blasting

Precision cleaning & product finishing solution

When precision counts, the single hose electric i3 MicroClean featuring Cold Jet’s patented shaved dry ice technology is the perfect choice.

This environmentally responsible dry ice blasting system enables you to safely clean delicate surfaces and complex cavities and crevices that other machines can’t reach – all without surface abrasion, disassembly, or harmful secondary waste.

With the i3 MicroClean’s precision control you will be able to debur/deflash even the most delicate products. Plus, the robust chain drive provides ultimate reliability for even the most demanding environments.

Designed for precision applications:

User-Friendly, Low Noise Operation
The i3 MicroClean is easy to use and provides users with safe and reliable, low noise operation

Optimal Dry Ice Usage
The i3 MicroClean optimises dry ice usage, providing as much as 45 minutes of cleaning before needing to reload

Compact & Lightweight
Lightweight at only 59kg, the Cold Jet i3 MicroClean has a compact, table-top sized footprint which makes it an extremely versatile machine.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction
The i3 MicroClean is made with rugged and durable Stainless Steel, and is easy to maintain thanks to its convenient removable panel design

Intuitive Control Panel
Including Feed Rate Control, Hour Meter and Quick Stop

Internal Air Filter & Pneumatic Circuitry
The i3 has an internal air filter that effectively removes water, oil, and rust from the air supply. Pneumatic circuitry also regulates pressure loss and reduces moisture build-up in the machine.

Highly Mobile
With convenient ergonomic handles, the i3 MicroClean includes a cart for mobility, and a handy applicator hanger lets you safely store your applicator during transport.

Easy Maintenance
Easy-off panels for quick inspection of internal components

Cold Jet i3 MicroClean – Key Benefits

  • Designed for precision applications
  • Low-noise operation
  • Compact, table-top footprint
  • Removable panel design
  • Increased blast pressure
  • Uses 5×5 or 6×6 inch blocks
  • Pneumatic circuitry regulates pressure loss
  • Minimal air/ice usage
  • Stainless Steel rotor
  • Includes cart for easy mobility
  • Integrated bonding cable virtually eliminates static shock
  • Durable burst-proof blast hose with hose cover

Cold Jet i3 MicroClean Dry Ice Blasting – Specifications

  • Dimensions: 56 x 41 x 53cm
  • Weight: 59kg
  • Feed Rate: 0-.5kg per minute
  • Blast Pressure Rate: Up to 9.7 bar / Up to 140 PSI
  • Dry Ice Capacity: 9.1kg

Cold Jet i3 MicroClean – System Includes:

  • One length of 3/8″ (9.5 mm) Urebrade blast hose
  • One length of air hose
  • Ergonomic lighted applicator
  • Customer-specified nozzle
  • Transport cart