Cold Jet Aero C100 Pneumatic Series

Cold Jet Aero C100 Pneumatic

Proven Aero power – now in an all pneumatic design

Cut the power cord and go anywhere with the new Cold Jet Aero C100 pneumatic dry ice blasting system. The most powerful and efficient pneumatic dry ice blast cleaning system available, the Cold Jet Aero C100 delivers all of the trusted Aero performance in an all-pneumatic design with pulse-free steam that cleans consistently and uniformly on every pass.

With automated hopper agitation and the ability to double your overall hose length (up to 100ft), the Cold Jet Aero C100 will allow you to dry ice blast clean in location previously not possible.

Fully Pneumatic Design
The Aero C100 relies solely on air and ice to deliver superior result wherever the job may be

Patented Isolated Hopper Design
Stainless Steel Insulated hopper reduces sublimation and ensures reliable feed

Reliable Pellet Flow with No Clogging
Sealed hopper lid eliminates moisture and clumping and hopper vibrators keep pellets fluidized for the most reliable pellet flow with no clogging

Ergonomic Handles and 360° Turning Radius
Provides effortless manoeuvring even in tight areas

Intuitive Control Panel
On/Off Switch, Quick Stop Button, Blast Pressure Gauge, Feed Rate Control, Hour Meter

Storage Compartment and Hose & Nozzle Management Devices
Convenient storage compartment to store accessories and handy hose management system and nozzle hangers safely store hoses & nozzles for easy access

Rugged & Mobile
Durable welded steel frame and large flat-free tyres to easily manage uneven terrain

Easy Maintenance
Easy-off panels for quick inspection of internal components

Cold Jet Aero C100 Pneumatic – Key Benefits

  • Reliable pellet flow
  • No clogging
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe operation
  • Minimized sublimation
  • Minimal air/ice usage
  • Pulse-Free blasting
  • Most advanced nozzles
  • Rugged and mobile
  • Nozzle storage
  • ESD (static) prevention

Cold Jet Aero C100 Pneumatic Dry Ice Blasting – Specifications

  • Dimensions:  38 x 79 x 114 cm
  • Weight: 114kg
  • Feed Rate: 0-3.2kg per minute
  • Blast Pressure Rate: *1.4 – 20.7 bar / 20 – 140 PSI
  • Dry Ice Capacity:  45.5 kg

 Cold Jet Aero C100 Pneumatic – System Includes:

  •  One length of 1″ (2.5 cm) Urebrade blast hose
  • One length of air hose
  • Applicator without light
  • Specified nozzle to best suit cleaning application needs
  • Static Bond Cable
  • Nozzle Hanger (quantity 1)
  • Hose Wrap (quantity 2)
  • Hose Carrier (quantity 2)
  • Food Grade Oil (1 qt/litre)