Nozzles & Accessories

Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Nozzles & Accessories

Cold Jet’s patented technology for superior results

Cold Jet offers a wide range of high quality, high-performance nozzles and accessories to help you get the most out of your dry ice blasting solution.

Up to 4x more reliable than other nozzles

In a side by side comparison Cold Jet’s 312V2 Variable Nozzle never clogged, while blasting for 10 consecutive minutes.   The leading competitor’s fragmenting nozzle began clogging after only 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Cold Jet Nozzles:

Dual Hose Nozzles
Variable Flow Aggressive Nozzles for Dual Hose blast systems. These full pressure nozzles are offered in Aluminium & Blast ABS.

High Flow Nozzles
High flow performance nozzles are ideal for cleaning applications that require high aggression.

Low Flow Nozzles
Straight or angled low flow nozzles designed to produce powerful cleaning capabilities for those whose need requires low air consumption.

Medium Flow Nozzles
Full pressure nozzles offering the maximum amount of aggression available. Ideal for low-flow and low-pressure air systems. The longer the length of the nozzle, the more aggressive the blasting. The blast swath width determines the ice distribution onto the cleaning surface.

Specialty Nozzles
These nozzles have various configurations for special applications and operate with air consumption rates as noted. options include: 3 blast openings allow full circumferential cleaning – ideal for walls of deep-cavity molds and recessed areas; Full pressure angled nozzles (45°, 90°, 135°, 160°) for enhanced access, plastic coated stainless steel nozzles with horizontal or vertical blast swath.

Variable Fragmenting MERN Nozzles
With patented MERN technology and new variable fragmenting technology you have the power to control aggression downstream of the nozzle throat for a full range of performance with maximum effectiveness – the most ever from a single nozzle.

i³ MicroClean Nozzles
Cold Jet offers a selection of precision blast nozzles for the i³MicroClean with rectangular or round blast swaths as well as a reverse-flow 155° nozzle

Cold Jet Applicators:

Cold Jet offers applicators that are ergonomically designed for comfort, safety and simplicity, allowing for better control of blasting power. Our wide range of applicators will allow you to achieve optimal blasting performance with your dry ice blasting system.

Applicator Range includes:
Lightweight Applicators, High-Performance Applicators, Enhanced Blast Applicators, Tight Access Applicators, Applicators with Lights, Foot Switches and Remote Switches.

Blasting Accessories:

Cold Jet has a comprehensive range of accessory essentials, all designed to complement your blasting system.  From Air Filters to Block Handlers, control cables to pressure regulators, we have you covered.  Talk to us about your specific dry ice blasting applications and we can provide advice on the best blasting accessories for your needs.

Fittings & Hoses

Our wide range of high-quality fittingsallow you easily connect the blast hose to the blast machine or change the blast hose diameter with the best fittings possible! Regardless of which dry ice blasting system you are using, Cold Jet has the perfect hose to ensure optimal blasting performance. Cold Jet offers a variety of hoses from low to high pressure, in a variety of materials, to ensure your blasting needs are met.

Nozzle Accessories:

Get even more from your dry ice blasting system with the perfect nozzle accessories for your needs. Cold Jet’s nozzles can be properly outfitted to ensure optimal performance with handles, extension tubes, stingers and much more.

Safety Accessories:

Cold Jet is 100% committed to safety and every precaution is made to be sure that the equipment operates safely and that no-one is put in harm’s way.  We have a full set of Cold Jet safety accessories to help keep you safe at all times.

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