Disaster Remediation Cleaning

Complete Clean in Less Time = More Profit

When disaster strikes, the demand for immediate clean-up follows. Whether fire, smoke, water or mould damage, traditional cleaning methods are time consuming and tedious, not to mention ineffective for complete removal. Dry ice cleaning is up to three times faster than traditional methods and provides a more thorough clean, even in tight angles of trusses and around nails and wiring. In addition, dry ice blasting achieves 99% mould spore removal from wood.


  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Mould remediation
  • Odour elimination
  • Water damage

Key Benefits

  • Reduce cleaning time
  • Reduce labour requirements
  • No secondary waste
  • Chemical free process
  • 99% mould spore removal on wood when IAQA standards followed
  • Remove odour from fire damage
  • Environmentally responsible

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