Paint & Ink Removal

Reduced cleaning time = More profitable printing

Build-up of ink and grease on printing machinery can cause alignment problems and high scrap rates. In addition, clogging of vent slots and material build-up on other components can result in reduced print speed. Often, traditional cleaning methods to remove this build-up, such as scraping and wiping with chemical solvents, are delayed as long as possible to avoid lengthy production downtime. Cold Jet’s process allows safe and effective online cleaning in a fraction of the of traditional methods.


  • Grippers / rollers
  • Drums
  • Ink trays
  • Gears and deck guides
  • Side walls
  • Feeder / delivery units
  • Letterpress
  • Flexography
  • Gravure presses

Key Benefits

  • Non abrasive process
  • Decreased scrap
  • No secondary waste
  • Reduce down time
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Clean machinery in place
  • Environmentally  responsible
  • Reduce overall cleaning time up to 80%

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